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Word Cleaner - Text To HTML Converter 4.6

Word Cleaner - Text To HTML Converter 4.6: Batch convert Word files to HTML/XHTML/TXT files and clean the code clean up the code! Word Cleaner is the perfect tool for web designers and people who have to maintain web sites. Word Cleaner will save you hours spent tediously converting Word (and .rtf & .txt) files and cleaning them by hand. You can also clean up existing html files. Best of all our powerful templates enable you to create processes that automate your document conversion and cleaning. MAIN FEATURES -Batch convert Word files to HTML/XHTML/TXT -

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Word Cleaner 1

Word Cleaner is the perfect tool for web designers and people who have to maintain websites. Word Cleaner enables you to: -Batch convert Word files to html files, including files with tables, images etc -Not just Word, Word Cleaner also converts .rtf and & .txt files to HTML -Automatically clean out all the unnecessary tags in any HTML file -Batch clean any HTML file, not just Word HTML files -Reduce the size of your HTML files

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clean out the code by hand, even things like the `clean up word html` command in Dreamweaver are not very effective. We are web designers who have spent a lot of time converting client`s word files and cleaning them up for use in their websites. We searched the web for a tool to automate the process but we could not find one, so we decided to build a tool ourselves! The result is Word Cleaner, a utility designed by web designers to meet the needs

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WeBuilder 2014 12.0: Quick and powerful code editor for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, ASP etc.
WeBuilder 2014 12.0

code folding; built-in File and (S)FTP Explorer; project management and deployment; built-in Web browser; integration with Web server; code explorer; built-in multi-browser preview; built-in code beautifiers for CSS, PHP and JavaScript; SQL explorer; find and replace with regular expression support; find and replace in files; multi-item clipboard; UTF-8 Unicode support; spelling checker; code snippet library; HTML and CSS code assistants; HTML and

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Opilion Software DocToHtml 2.50: MS Word to clean HTML file converter. CSS-formatted output, batch operating mode
Opilion Software DocToHtml 2.50

clean "web" HTML and XHTML pages. DocToHtml produces very compact easily readable and editable (X)HTML-code which is accessible for any browser on any device. The resulted (X)HTML is not only clean and highly optimized, but also W3C standards-compliant, CSS-formatted and user-customizable. Also you can batch process multiple documents by means of GUI easy-to-use batch converter or in command line mode. Key features ------------ * Batch GUI and command

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Code to FlowChart for Win7 1.0: Code to FlowChart generates flowchart from source code, to let code visualable.
Code to FlowChart for Win7 1.0

Code to FlowChart automatically generates flowchart from source code. It helps users to understand complex program structure by visual diagram. Code to FlowChart is composed of two parts, Code Editor and FlowChart window. The FlowChart window is synchronal with the Code Editor. Click any logical block on the flowchart, the corresponding source code will be highlighted. Code to FlowChart supports C, C++, VC++ and Pascal/Delphi.

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VB Source Code Controls 2.0: Visual Basic Source Code.  Free example plus Calendar, Clock, Scheduler, Slider.
VB Source Code Controls 2.0

Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. Current VB Components include: Scheduler Source Code, Calendar Source Code, Clock Source Code, Slider Source Code, Scheduling Program and a Free Visual Basic source code control example. All of the Source Code is compatible with VB3 - VB6. The source code draws the control directly on a Picturebox and can be compiled into any VB program. Visual Basic Source Code

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